Study medicine in Georgia


If you look at the recent history of Georgia, you will come across a lot of outstanding doctors who have made a name for themselves both in the country and the world.

Since the time of the Soviet Union, Georgian medicine has been considered one of the strongest. And Georgian universities were the temple of knowledge for young people living in the Soviet Union. Getting here was a great privilege and prestige. It continues to this day…

If you want to study medicine in Tbilisi Georgia, I assure you that you will be very successful if you succeed and graduate with honors in these six years that are required to study. Studying medicine for foreign students is sometimes difficult but worth it after graduation. Because the Georgian medical diploma has great power and is recognized in almost all countries of the world. After graduating from university, you will be a successful doctor and save many lives with your knowledge.

Studying at a medical university is not only about learning, it is about great fun and opportunities. In addition to studying, international students can do many things in Georgia, relax and have a good time.~

As everyone knows, theoretical knowledge is not enough for a doctor if he does not have practical experience. Students of the Faculty of Medicine have the opportunity to participate in practices and further deepen their theoretical knowledge. Universities give them the opportunity to do human practicums in hospitals, so students deepen their medical knowledge and at the same time do good – help people.

Finally, we have to make our point. Studying medicine in Georgia is a great opportunity for all people who want to have a great medical future. We highly recommend Georgian universities and encourage international students to come to Georgia to study this great thing.

If you are interested in studying in Georgia and learning more about the medical faculty, check out our application form, write to us and learn more about studying medicine in Georgia. For more please contact us!

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