FILL THE FORM AND WE WILL SEARCH FOR FLATS, HOSTELS, AND STUDIOS NEAR YOUR UNIVERSITY FOR YOU matches students to hospitable landlords/landladies in Georgia willing to rent their properties to foreign students and at the same time provide the students necessarily support they need to live comfortably in the property while pursuing their academic responsibilities in Georgia.

We have a huge database which comprises of the high quality apartments, houses, best hostels and studio spaces available for rent to International students in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other major cities in Georgia (Country). We provide short term (6 months) and long term (1yr+) rental opportunities for foreign students.

How It Works?

Simply fill our form below, provide your personal details and details of the kind of accommodation you are looking for in Tbilisi. Then, pay our accommodation search service fee. And within 24hrs, our representative will contact you to help you out or swiftly contact +995  568 144 144 to get immediate support

Payment and Service Terms

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be sent pictures of flats that meets your requirement, if you want any of them to be reserved, you will be required to transfer the rent fee to us to rent it on your behalf. In this case, you trust us to make the decision of where you’d stay for you.

Alternatively, you can make a 7 days reservation in a hotel in Tbilisi. And when you arrive within the 7 days we will find you apartments that meets your criteria, you’ll review them and then pay for them yourself. In the second option, you make the decision of where to stay by yourself.

You will be sent an email requiring you to make a $50 deposit for the Accommodation search service. Express Service fee is $100 (find flats within 1-3 days)


Personal Information


Accommodation Preferences

Universities that are recipients of federal dollars are required by the Federal government to solicit certain demographic information to meet federal reporting requirements. Applications are requested to provide the following information voluntarily. This information will not be utilized in a discriminatory manner.
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