JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP AND WE WILL OFFER YOU AN APARTMENTS FOR FREE matches students to hospitable landlords/landladies in Georgia willing to rent their properties to foreign students and at the same time provide the students necessarily support they need to live comfortably in the property while pursuing their academic responsibilities in Georgia.

We have a huge database which comprises of the high quality apartments, houses, best hostels and studio spaces available for rent to International students in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other major cities in Georgia (Country). We provide short term (6 months) and long term (1yr+) rental opportunities for foreign students.

How It Works?

Renting a monthly apartment in Tbilisi is quite easy if the student entrusts the search for an apartment to an experienced and honest real estate agent. Unfortunately, most of the real estate agents in Georgia are not honest and can cause big problems for international students. That is why we share our experience with you and tell you a good opinion real estate agent whom we trust. To avoid the endless search for an apartment on various sites, where most of the apartments are already rented, you can join a Telegram group where real estate agents post new apartments and houses every day. You can contact the agent directly and reserve the given accommodation or schedule a meeting if you are already in Tbilisi. To join this Telegram group, go to the following link:

Students who come to Georgia to study for a long time prefer to buy an apartment. Because in case of studying for 5-6 or more years after purchase, they will sell the apartment at a much higher price than the purchased one, and they will not have to pay the monthly rent. The price of real estate in Georgia is increasing every day, therefore, if you buy an apartment today, believe me, you will sell it at a much higher price in 6 years. At the same time, you will no longer have to pay large sums of money to rent an apartment. To buy an apartment, you can also visit the real estate Telegram group, where many apartments for sale and rent are posted daily:



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