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Why Study in Georgia?

Affordable Tuition Fee

The Average Tuition Fees of MBBS (Medicine & Dentistry) Program in Georgia is $4,500 Per academic year and $3,000 for Non-MBBS programs such as Business, Nursing, Engineering and Technology.

Affordable Living Expenses

Living expenses in Georgia is cheap in comparison with other countries , the minimum level of expenses for one month will be around $300 per month including accommodation and living expenses.

Safe Country

Georgia is one of the Safest Countries to choose for Higher Education. Georgia ranks fifth among 125 countries in the 2018 crime index. Since 2015, Georgia has been among the top 7 country in the Crime index Statistics.

Opportunity To Work & Grow

Georgia allows All International Students to work while they are in Georgia with no work Hour Limits. But Georgia encourages All Students to approach their Entrepreneur skills and work for themselves.

International Accreditation

Universities in Georgia are Internationally Accredited by EU , ENC/NARIC, MCI, WHO, ECFMG, ME & ETC.

Halal & Affordable Restaurant's

Everyone agrees that food in Georgia is Affordable by All. Most of the Good Restaurants offer delicious meals for affordable prices. You can find Halal, Indian and Turkish restaurants All over Georgia.

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