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university of georgia

Today, if you look at the ranking of universities in Georgia, one of the unconditional leaders is the University of Georgia. University of Georgia ranking is one of the advanced and is very popular among international students. All this is due to various indicators. One is the rather high qualification level of the lecturers and the student-oriented university policy, which gives international students great advantages.

We should not confuse this university with a university located in the United States of America. You can easily search for the university mentioned in this article with the following search term: ” University of Georgia Tbilisi “.

University of Georgia Tuition fees depends on the subject which one student wants to study. In 2022-2023, the university has the following subjects:

  1. English Program of Business Administration (BBA) (Undergraduate) (4 years)
  2. English Program of Engineering (Computer Science, ) (Undergraduate) (4  years)
  3. English Program of Informational technologies ( IT) ( 4  years) 
  4. Nursing for International Students (Undergraduate) (4 years)
  5. English Program of Pharmacy (Undergraduate) (4 years)
  6. Dental Program in English (Single-Cycle) (5 years)
  7. English Philology (Undergraduate) (4 years) 
  8. English Program of Medical Education (6 years)
  9. International Business Law (LL.M) (2 years) 
  10. Educational Management (MA) (2 years)

The university also has sports activities. International students can join various sports teams. University of Georgia Football team is one of the best around other Universities.

university of georgia graduate programs are very diverse and interesting. The transfer is very simple and convenient. If a student has obtained a bachelor’s degree in another country, he can still very easily continue his studies at this university. The list of master’s programs is:

  1. English Master’s Program of Business Administration (MBA) (Graduate) (2 years)
  2. English Master’s Program of Informational Technologies ( IT) (2 years)


Finally. If you want to study at the best university at an affordable price. You have the opportunity to learn here. University of Georgia Application:

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